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The Earthwool® Ceiling batt range includes a selection of R-Values to provide builders, designers, installers and DIYers the opportunity to choose the best thermal performance for their project. We manufacture a wide range of insulation solutions suitable for various applications. Our products include Earthwool® batt and roll insulation.


In Australia we are ruined for alternatives with regards to protection brands to pick from. Knauf Earthwool is a standout amongst the most current brands available, and is the main significant protection mark which isn’t made locally. Earthwool is in truth made everywhere throughout the world, and the Australian protection is sourced specifically from England. It looks and feels changed to different brands, in reality numerous clients who are utilizing this great item out of the blue can hardly imagine how it’s really produced using glasswool. Try not to believe us – drop by one of our distribution center offices and look at it for yourself.

Knauf Insulation has put vigorously in new “ECOSE” innovation to bring the tingle factor which for quite a long time has been synonymous with glasswool – to an exceptional amazing failure. In the same way as other kinds of glasswool, Knauf Earthwool is made utilizing reused glass bottles and has been positioned significantly more naturally amicable than genuine sheep’s fleece, as indicated by the U.K’s Green Guide for Specification. The item profits by a novel folio which incorporates zero formaldehyde and is established on sustainable bio-based materials rather than antiquated oil based synthetic compounds.


Earthwool protection is a characteristic shade of hearty dark colored, and has no additional colors, blanches or counterfeit hues. Besides it is additionally less dusty and has an a lot gentler and friendlier feel. As there is no formaldehyde or phenol utilized in the assembling procedure for Knauf Earthwool, it likewise enhances the indoor air nature of structures where these items are introduced (contrasted with traditional glasswool items). One of the privileged insights behind the nonappearance of tingle, is the more drawn out strands of protection. The more extended the strands, the less strands there are – and less strands of glasswool implies less of those moment, distending closes which is the reason for the outstanding ‘tingle’ you may have encountered within your wrists when working with sub-par brands of protection.

Have you at any point thought about how glass-fiber protection is really made? A blend of reused glass, sand, and different fixings is combined before being super-warmed, transforming it into a sort of liquid glass. This is spun and flung around at rapid, and at high temperature, bringing about a consistency looking like ‘pixie floss’ sweets. This is then transported along transport lines where the fleecy material is cut into the well-known rectangular ‘batt’ shape, before being pressure bundled in sacks, which are then additionally compacted into the joined packs or “MasterBags” as Knauf calls them. Try not to be tricked by the span of a sack of Knauf Earthwool – a solitary pack of R1.5/580mm will cover over 30m2 of divider territory, which is twofold different brands of protection. The super-pressure factor comes with one cautioning – you’ll have to take additional consideration while conveying or transporting the sacks, as an incidental cut along the pack will see the natural hued batts inside making their break for opportunity, and you won’t get them once again into the harmed sack without a battle and bunches of solid tape!


German organization Knauf makes an extensive variety of glass and shake mineral fleece items for a wide assortment of uses, and has various assembling offices everywhere throughout the world. Earthwool® protection batts and rolls are to a great degree flexible and can be utilized in applications from divider and roof protection to HVAC and certain modern applications.

It’s not hard for us to suggest Knauf Earthwool – it is after all low-tingle, decay verification, scentless, non-hygroscopic, does not support rodents, mice or other unwelcome guests, and won’t energize the expansion of parasites or form. It is synthetically nonpartisan, does not contain debasements and accompanies a consoling multi year guarantee.

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